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The marketing director for Happy Valley long-term care center looks at the organization’s strategic plan to differentiate marketable objectives from non-marketable objectives. Objectives found in the healthcare organization’s strategic plan include the following:• Purchasing medical equipment• Purchasing more land• Acquiring financial capital• Acquiring physical resources• Providing elder day care to Alzheimer’s patients• Providing physical therapy• Providing social activities such as bingo• Promoting product awareness such as: marketing in a manor to improve the public’s perception of the HCO’s product or service• Providing shuttle service to medical appointments• Increasing sales• Creating a brand• Establishing the organization as a leader in the long-term care industryInitial Post: Based on the Happy Valley scenario detailed above and the information presented in Chapters 1 and 2 of the course text, construct an initial post in which you• Differentiate between the organization’s stated objectives as to whether they are marketable or non-marketable objectives.• Select the marketable objectives (i.e., those you would recommend developing in a marketing plan), and explain why you consider those objectives marketable.• Explain why the marketing plan objectives should be in line with the objectives in the healthcare organization’s strategic plan.

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