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2 homework

HW#1: Alternative AdvocacyI want to see a few hours of work.Make an argument (socially or politically controversial).Don’ts:Research or linear thoughts/argumentsStructure/Organization.Basically, I just want a creative expression of an argument.Examples:PoetryStoryPaintingSculptingCollageSomething built or designedMash-upMovie/Song etc.You can photograph what you create or send link (YouTube etc.).This assignment will be do shortly after midterm.———————————————————————————————–HW#2: Final ProjectSelect a model or theory and apply it to a “debate event.” The structure for this pape’r: literature review for model/theory, context analysis of debate, application of theory or model, and your conclusions. This pape’r is to be 5-7 pages with at least 7 cited published sources.

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