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An easy assignment

Attached to this HW I have my essay about “Air traveling as an effective method of reducing air pollution”. I need somebody that can do a short story of 2 pages and a half long about this topic. The story should be center in how reducing air traveling can reduce the air pollution in china. It has to be about a president of china that decide to control air traveling because one of it relative family died by a disease caused by air pollution. This president went crazy and decide to reduce air traveling. With this through the years the country start to see positive changes in the environment.For these short story you need to read briefly the guidance attached and make it the more similar possible to the example I am uploading. USE SIMPLE ENGLISH FOR THESE SHORT STORY!.After you finish please write in a separate page·         Purpose·         Audience·         Rethorical Appeals·         Modes and Media·         Style·         DesignOf the short story.

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