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anyone majoring in lingustics ?

For this write up, select the exercise 1.12 ‘Inflectional Morphology: Latin Declensions’, that is available on course reserves (see under Frommer and Finegan). Analyze the data on your own the same way that you have done before. Then, write a brief article in which you compare and contrast English and Latin from two angles: 1. In terms of its case marking: Argue that Latin expresses Case, where English does not and illustrate this with relevant sentences to convince the reader, and 2. Compare and contrast the word order of Latin and English. (Here as well, provide data to support your observations and present the data in such a way that someone who does not know Latin understands what the data reveal.) You need not discuss every sentence that is presented in the exercise; judge for yourself how many examples you need to discuss in order to convince the reader of your observations. Pay close attention to what you have learned about representing linguistic data. You must present the data using proper glosses!

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