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APA format

I. Take a look at each of the examples below.  You will find sufficient information to place the items in proper APA reference form.  Below each entry, give the appropriate reference form.1. In 1996, the Western Journal of Communication (volume 60, issue one) published an articleby C. L. Griffin called “The Essentialist Roots of the Public Sphere: A Feminist Critique.” Thisarticle appeared on pages 21 through 39. As with nearly all scholarly journals, thispublication paginates continuously through each volume.2.  Joseph A. DeVito’s eighth edition of Human Communication: The Basic Course was publishedin the year 2000 by Longman, the well-known New York publishing house.3.  Allyn and Bacon published a work called Handbook of Rhetorical and Communication Theoryby C. C. Arnold and John Waite Bowers. This work was published in Boston in 1984.4. Joe Ayers, T. Hopf, and D. M. Ayres published an article in the fourth issue of the forty-thirdedition of Communication Education in 1994. The piece appeared on pages 252-58 and wascalled “An Examination of Whether Imaging Ability Enhances the Effectiveness of anIntervention Designed to Reduce Speech Anxiety.” This journal paginates continuouslythrough each year’s volume.5. The revised edition of a very influential book called Applied Imagination was published byScribner’s, in New York City in 1957.  It was written by A. Osborn and presented a theory of”brainstorming.”II. Look over this list of references, as if it were a references page from a research article. Make corrections to the citation, including spacing, punctuation, eliminating unnecessary information, or re-ordering the references. You can assume that all spellings are accurate; all the information needed to correct the references is provided. No outside materials are necessary to complete this exercise.Works citedBalagura, Steve. (1968). “Influence of Osmotic and Caloric Loads Upon Lateral Hypothalamic Self-Stimulation” Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, 66, 325-328.Abel, S. E., Fox, P. T., Potley, J. R. (1997). Insights from recent positron emission  tomographic studies of drug abuse and dependence. Current Opinion in Psychiatry,19(3), 246-252.Abel, S.E., Fox, P.T., Posner, J.P. (1998). Positron emission tomographic studies of the cortical anatomy of single word processing. Nature, 331, pp. 585-589.Codon, D. E. (1994, January 10). Kids growing up scared. Newsweek, volume 73, issue 3, pp. 43-49.Klatzky, R. L. (1980). Human Memory: Structures and Processes (Second Edition). Friedman: San Francisco, CA.Swaminathan, N. (2007). Eating Disorders. Psychology today website Found on 11/13/07.

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