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Reflection PromptThe fine for texting and driving in Colorado is currently $300 (a class 2 misdemeanor). A second offense carries a hefty $1000 fine and perhaps jail time. Studies have shown that talking on the phone and driving  (as well as texting and driving) is a very dangerous combination.  Given your knowledge of divided attention and inattentional blindness, what are your thoughts on this?  Is there ever a case (certain apps, particular people), where cell phone use while driving is appropriate?  What would be an interesting research question to ask regarding this topic?Formatting and StyleThis reflection should be about 1 page (typed/double-spaced) in length and will not require additional research outside of your book and/or lecture material, though you are welcome to add outside research if you wish.  If you are using direct quotes from the book to make connections, remember to cite your book as a reference (any style is acceptable, just make sure to give credit where credit it due!). If you are using direct quotes from knowledge you have learned in class lectures, you do not need to cite but should acknowledge the material came from class (e.g., “As discussed in the lecture,….).

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