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Assignment- Intro to Human Services

Assignment ContentAfter reading the Chapter 5, view the three videos(video 1,video 2,video 3). Writ a response to the following questions, in essy format.1. What was the common practice with each scenario?2. Was best practices adhered to in each case? If no, what could have been done differently? If yes, what were the strong points?3. Was the client engaged? Yes or no. If not, what could have been done differently?4. Were referrals made? If yes, were they appropriate?This submission should be in essy format, 12 point New Times Roman Font, double space and APA style. 1 to 2 pages.Course Materials Text(s): Theory, Practice and Trends and Human Services, 6th Edition, ISBN: 978- 133781917-6 by Neukrug. (MindTap).

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