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Week 3: The Writer’s Portrait Proposal500 wordsDescriptionThe Writer Portrait ES.say explores the question ‘Who am I as a writer?’ by having you analyze texts that you’ve previously composed and then craft an ES.say based on your observations and realizations from this analysis. The first step in this process is to identify three texts from your past that represent a variety of writing genres and propose your scope of inquiry to your peers. This proposal process includes a video introduction of your writer’s portrait plan as well as peer response activities to learn from–and build off of–your classmates.ReadThe Writer’s Portrait Assignment and RubricDownload The Writer’s Portrait Assignment and RubricInstructionsFor the proposal video/ESS.AY, please create a short video of yourself that proposes your intended direction for the Writer Portrait. Your video should include:a short description of each of the three texts you’d like to analyze (you need to briefly introduce all of your previous texts including when you wrote them and for what context)a theme or question about yourself as a writer that you’d like to investigate in this projectA question(s) you have for your group members or the instructor about how to proceed. You may also include any feedback you’d like to receive from othersSubmission RequirementsYour proposal PA.PER should be about 500 words in length

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