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COMP 2 Source Annotation Assignment

Instructions:Follow the prompts in the Source Annotation AssignmentGrading:See the rubric in the assignment sheetUpload your annotated file in .pdf formatDue Sunday by 11:59 PMAttachmentsWeek 5 Source Annotation Assignment (1).pdfRubricSource Annotation Grading RubricSource Annotation Grading RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeNuts and Bolts25 to >0.0 ptsCriteriaDid student fully complete annotations for a minimum of (3) sources? Did students submit in an acceptable word .doc or .docx format? Did student demonstrate strong close reading strategies and meaningfully integrate the annotation strategies provided in the assigned readings and instructor video? While this assignment is based on completion, points will be awarded based on the breadth, quality, and completeness of your annotations.0 ptsNo Marks25 ptsTotal Points: 25

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