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Creative Presentation on Researched Argument Essa’y Topic

Week 16 – Assignment A – Creative Presentation on Researched Argument Essa’y Topic / ArgumentCreate a 5 minute Creative Presentation on your Researched Argument Essa’y topic or argument. It can be any format:Google Slideshow, a poem, a video, a short film, a Kahoot combined with another activity, a song, just get creative and have fun with this! Bonus points for creativity.Ideas for CreationThe presentation can be on the topic you researched to inform the audience of the problem.It could introduce the problem and then focus on the solution.It can demonstrate the argument you made in your research essa’y.Focus on the “So What?” throughout the presentation. Make the audience understand why this problem matters and inspire them to take action.Include links or tips on how the audience can help improve the issue, support resources, or links to vote and take action, etc.If you choose a Google Slideshow:Do not just copy and paste paragraphs from your essa’y. Only use bullet points, and then describe your ideas verbally.Make sure it’s very creative but readable (no tiny or hard to read font for example) if you’re doing a Google Slideshow.Include images.Include an ending slide with your Works Cited citations.Be sure to save it as a shared file to anyone with the link.

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