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discussion over characters

Your initial post is due by Thursday night, January 27, 11:59 p.m. CST.For your initial post, thoroughly answer the following questions. (“Everyday Use,” “Eveline,” and “The Red Convertible”)1. Which character from these three stories did you relate to most and why? You only need to choose one character. What attributes of this character remind you of yourself? Thoroughly explain your thoughts.  If you cannot relate to any of the characters, then answer the following question:  Did the authors create believable characters?  Why or why not?2. Which of the three stories pulled you in immediately and why?  Which of the three stories did you have a hard time getting into and why?  Thoroughly explain your thoughts.3. All of these stories contain rich symbols. Choose one symbol from each of the stories (three symbols total), and discuss the meaning of each symbol. Your opinion counts as long as you can support your ideas through the text.

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