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FIRST OF AL IF YOU PLAGIARISE I WILL GET MY FULL MONEY BACK! I AM NOT PLAYING!I am african and my son is african. research about language aquisition  8 – 10 pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you have a young child, keep a daily journal of sounds, words, or sentences produced by the child. Compare your data to information about language acquisition.this is a 10 page paper!you cannot use any outside sources but  the ones I provide!Final Project DataFinal project proposal (in about 150-250 words) state the research question and what your original research will be. Be sure to narrow the question to something that you can discuss in-depth in a short (8-10 page paper).References APALook over all the assigned readings. Choose the ones related to your research topic. Create References APA style. Use this link as a guideline.HYPERLINK “” should have about 5-8 sources. Please use the readings from the course for the majority of your sources if at all possible as you will be comparing the results of your original research to the data presented in this class.References ChecklistEntries are alphabetized by author’s last name.Entries use author’s initials for first and middle names.Dates of publication appear after the author’s name and are in parenthesis.Titles only have first words and proper nouns capitalized.Titles of articles have not punctuations.Titles of periodicals and books and stand along publications are in italics.References are double-spaced throughout and only double-spaced (MS Word will add extra space after each paragraph, so you have to remove that manually).Use hanging indent: Second and third lines are indented .5.Outline for final paperI suggest the following outline for the final paperIntroduction—defines and clarifies the problemSummarizes previous investigations in order to inform the reader of the state of current researchIdentify gaps in research or contradictionsReview your research/analysisDiscussion—interpretation and discussion of the implications of the resultsHere are some youtube videos that you might find useful.HYPERLINK “” “” “”

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