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English 3

Name __________________________________MLA Documentation Practice WorksheetUsing the information below, write correct parenthetical citations/documentations for each example in the parenthesis provided.Example of a works cited page:Donaldson, Sam. Bantering on Watergate. New York: Penguin Books, 1985.Jennings, Peter. Pushing the Limits of Political Journalism. Washington: Greater Politics Press, 1994.Smith, Charles. I Love Politics: A Guide to Discerning Reality. Chicago: Penn Press, 2001.Xavier, Jason and Thomas Yater. Political Guide to the United States. New York: Ballantine, 2004.Xavier, Jason. Somewhere in the Political Realm. New York: Ballantine, 2002.Questions:1.) “He spoke to us in German and then left us behind” (               ).–from Donaldson’s Bantering on Watergate, page 452.) “I never thought of myself as proud”, says Jennings in his book Pushing the Limits of Political Journalism (                      ).–This source was located on page 107.3.) “Politics is such an interesting field” (                                 ).–From Charles Smith’s book, page 451.4.) “Enraged is how he felt after the episode” (                             ).–From Jason Xavier’s book Somewhere in the Political Realm, page 233.5.) In Political Guide to the United States, Xavier and Yaterexplore the idea that the U.S. is changing politically (                                        ).–From page 544 of this book.Practice in text citations1. Embed a portion of the following quotation in a sentence using the appropriate citation.  Make up a page number for this exercise.“Students can expect to find a wider variety of options available to them at college than they had in high school.  They really have no idea what opportunities exist in the big wide world.  The possibilities are endless.”Smith, Snuffy.  How to Go to College.  Cleveland: Jones, 2005.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. Embed a portion of the following quote by introducing the author first and giving appropriate citation at the end of the quote.  (Note: for the purposes of this worksheet, you may assume where the quotation came from within the page range given for each example.)“Students who select colleges because of the potential for partying are often sadly disappointed when it comes time for them to actually begin a career.  Most workplaces don’t have that many parties”Yokum, Abner.  “Party Animals on Campus.”  Deep Thinker.   12 Mar. 2007: 33-35.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. Embed two or more sections of this quote in a passage you might write and give appropriate citation by using the ellipsis (…) to indicate the quotation has been abbreviated.“Life, like any paper topic, neatly divides itself into three major categories—pre-college, college and post-college—each of which is determined primarily by the peculiar fears that dominate that stage.  Of course, those unfortunates who never go to college are condemned to live out their impoverished lives experiencing only the pre-college and post-college stages.”Crist, Steven G. and George Meyer, eds.  “College and Fear.”  The Harvard Lampoon Big Book of College Life. Garden City, New York: Dolphin, 1978.  62-63.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. Embed a quotation from a work by two authors, citing it only at the end of the quote.“If you are considering a career in law, English is actually one of the best majors to consider as an undergraduate.  The skills you learn in logic and analysis transfer well to disputation.”Collins, Tara and Kelly Almond.  How to be a Lawyer.  Moab: Slickrock, 2006.  19.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Embed elements of the same quote using the author’ names to introduce the quote.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________6. Use portions of this quote and include the author and title to introduce the quote.“Naturalists often run afoul of wildlife while in the field.  I myself had my leg chewed off by a puma after falling asleep at lunch one day.  Thinking back, I wish I hadn’t had such a large lunch that day.”Khlulus, I. M. “Fun with Wildlife.”  Wilderness Ranger June 2004: 17-21.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________7. Paraphrase from the quote below and use an appropriate citation in a sentence of your own construction.  (Paraphrase means to put the ideas of another person into your own words.)“My most successful piece sold for $10,000.  I showed it to this guy I was dating, and he was blown away that it had sold for so much because, to him, it looked like a scene of mud.  I began showing in galleries while still in school.”Benthin, Stefanie.  “Successful Artists: You Can Be One Too.”  Abstract Art Magazine Oct. 1991: 21+.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________8. Embed a quotation from an interview that has no page number.“I suggest that you study hard in college, but get a job too.  Jobs teach much more than school ever does.”Workman, Tom.  Personal interview. 25 Feb. 2007.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________9. Paraphrase from this quote from a presentation.“The highest rated colleges this year are those specializing in technical fields.  If you have skills in any area of technology, you can write your own ticket and work anywhere in the world.”Albers, Joe.  Presentation.  Multiple Intelligences and Career Paths.  Durango, 25 Feb. 2000.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________10. Paraphrase this quote from a video.“I had a dual-major in communications and technology.  When I was ready to graduate, I posted my resume on-line and got called for an interview the very next day.”One Day. DeVry. 1999-2000.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________11. Cite an online subscription for which you paraphrase a portion the following quote.“There will always be a demand for teachers.  Whether there will also always be a demand for public schools is an issue that will resolve itself within this generation.”Sabu, Larry.  “We Should Have Let Them Pray.”  TeachingMay 2003: 3+.  MAS Ultra School Edition.EbscoHost, Durango High School Media Center.  11 Mar. 2004 .__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________12. Cite a website from which you paraphrase a portion of the following quotation:“Whatever you do for work in life, the most important thing to remember is not how much money you make or how big a title you have, it is whether you look forward to getting up in the morning and doing it again.  Money can buy things; things can be replaced.  Titles can be bought, which makes them simply things.”Guthrie, Woody.  “Way Over Yonder in a Minor Key.”  The Unofficial Woody Guthrie Homepage.  14 June2006.  The Wooden Box Society.  11 Mar. 2007 .__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ this link to complete worksheets (Week 3 Assignment 2) attach fileAssignment #2 the video and review the link before responding to the following questions 200wordsWhat is difficult about researching?How can you tell if a source is reliable?What is the main advice you would give to another student on conducting research?

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