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English L D 8

No outside sourcesTake a look at the attachment files from the assignment pleaseThis week, we are reading short stories by contemporary authors, each of whom are still active and producing literature today. While our investigations of earlier literary movements have been aided by the benefit of hindsight, our authors for this week are still helping to shape their legacies, and thus there remains no real consensus as to the definitive characteristics of contemporary American fiction.Given that the literary history of the early-twenty-first century has yet to written, I’d like you to use this post as a chance to speculate about what future critics might have to say about these contemporary stories. Do they seem to be exploring parallel themes and issues? What are they, and why do you suspect these issues are of concern in our contemporary moment? What about structure and style? Do you think our three authors are employing similar narrative techniques? Do they share a similar prose style? A similar tone?These questions are meant simply to get you started in your exploration of how these stories compare and contrast with one another.No outside sources make sure just use the books I attachedI need 250 wordsDue within 32 hours from now

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