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farming of the bones By: Edwidge Danticat

Choose one of the following characters or things.Reserve it on the subject line.  Verify before you post because there are to be no duplications.Begin your post with:  I am XXXXX and I am significant toFarming of Bonesbecause…….  Then develop a 150 word discussion of why the I is significant toFarming of Bones. This is your character or thing’s voice. Use the first person throughout the assignment..Offer evidence.Offer detail.Offer critical thinking.Offer a vital quote or partial quote or two. (Does not count to the word total.)Speak in the first person.Include WC without quotes.Suggested approach:   go through the novel page by page and note wherever your “I” is mentioned.  Analyze.  Now consider the significance.  Even if your “I” is barely mentioned, how does such impact the unfolding of the story?  Everything in a quality work of literature has a reason for being.  It is your job to honor that.EX:  I am Amabella and I am significant toFarming of Bonesbecause…EX:  I am parsley and I am significant toFarming of Bonesbecause…SebastianAmabelleParsleyWaterHispaniolaSugar caneDeaths of two sonsFathers of two dead sonsSecond Person NarrativeTwinsYvesPapiKongoTrujilloReligionForeshadowingPolitical unrestCaveParentsMassacre RiverDominican RepublicHaitiMedical careDreamsWombRaceTitle: Farming of BonesThe first sentence of the novel.The last sentence of the novel.JuanaValenciaDoctor JavierRosalindaTrujillioBeatrizPicoKongoJoelProfessorMassacreRomainRapadouDenise

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