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As the bookkeeper of a new start-up company, you are responsible for keeping the chart of accounts up to date. At the end of each year, you analyze the accounts to verify that each one should be active for the accumulation of costs, revenues, and expenses.In July, the accounts payable (A/P) clerk asked you to open an account named New Expenses. You know an account name should be specific and well defined, and you’re afraid the A/P clerk might charge some expenses to the account that are inappropriate.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Why do you think the A/P clerk needs the New Expenses account?Who needs to know this information, and what action should you considerDiscussion 2Take a moment to introduce yourself and tell us what first sparked your interest in writing. If you have written as a hobby or taken a creative writing class before, what form and styles are you interested in? If you have not written before, think about what you read for fun—fiction, nonfiction, movies/screenplays, or poems? If you cannot identify the form or genre, give an example.Discussion 3In this course, you will use blog posts to demonstrate various aspects of creative writing. In your first blog post, you will demonstrate your ability to write with a strong theme. LOOK AT THE RUBRIC BELOW.This blog post has two sections:Creative WorkWrite a nonfiction paragraph or a stanza of poetry that demonstrates theme. You have not learned much about the forms at this point except through examples in the module resources; use these to guide your writing. You will learn more about the specifics of each form when you prepare to write your first draft in Module Five.Reflection QuestionsWhy did you choose the form you used (nonfiction or poetry) to apply theme?In what way(s) does your choice appeal to your personal interests and style?

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