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Gloria Anzaldua’s “How to Tame A Wild Tongue” Reading and Vocabulary Guide and “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan

Gloria Anzaldua’s “How to Tame A Wild Tongue” Reading and Vocabulary GuideComprehension Questions1. Why were Anzaldua and other Chicano students required to take two speech classes at Pan American University?2. How does Anzaldua describe Chicano Spanish? What are three of the languages Anzaldua lists as spoken by Chicanos today?3. In your own words, describe Pachuco using 2-3 complete sentences.4. What are some of the differences between Chicano Spanish and Standard Spanish according to Anzaldua?5. According to Anzaldua, how do Chicanos and Chicanas who grew up speaking the language feel about it?6. What does Anza Id ua say is the way to “really hurt” her on page 59? How does this hurt her?7. What does Anza Idua mean when she writes that “Chicanos straddle the borderlands?”8.What is the “dual identity Anzaldua describes of Chicanos and other people of color on page 63?Evaluative Questions1. Does using message? Why or why not?2. How would you label the different languages you speak like those Anzaldua lists and explains? For example, do you speak in a version of slang with your friends versus what you speak with your parents or boss?3. If you do not speak or read Spanish, how did you go about reading it? Did you skip words, look up the translations, or try to interpret them on your own? If you DO speak or Spanish, how did having to switch from English to Spanish impact the way you read the essay?Define the following vocabulary terms:Vocabulary WordsAngloChicanodiscoursepatoisheterogeneousacculturating”Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan1. What does Tan mean by the phrase “mother tongue,” and why does she feel so deeply about her mother tongue?2. Describe Tan’s attitude toward her mother’s language in her youth? How has Tan’s attitude changed since then3. Make a list of the ways in which the language skills of Tan’s mother have been described; point to specific word choice in the text to support your response. Alternatively, how does Tan see her mother’s language abilities? Again, point to specific word choice in the text to support your response4. How does Tan use her mother tongue in her work today?GLORIA ANZALDUA How to Tame a Wild Tongue  LINK: Tongue, by Amy TanLINK: follow the question to answer not essay thanks !

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