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q1Text can add another layer to the message expressed in an image. Text can reinforce the message, can add to the message, or can work in opposition to the message.TrueFalseQuestion 2Not all of an image’s meaning is expressed outright. Sometimes, the meaning is implied or lurking beneath the main message. What word best describes the subtle meaning behind the message?a. contentb. compositionc. subtextd. cultural contextQuestion 3A topic sentence…a. announces the topic of an essayb. serves to focus the ideas within a paragraphc. should always come at the end of a paragraphd. none of the aboveQuestion 4Paragraphs are used to..a. move the essay forwardb. shift the reader’s attention from one idea to the nextc. introduce evidence to support the thesisd. develop an idea using facts and examplese. All of the aboveQuestion 5How do writers help readers see the relationship between paragraphs?a. By using multiple thesis statementsb. With supporting evidencec. Transitional phrasesd. Use of formal register EnglishQuestion 6Choose the best definition for “cultural context” as the term relates to images.a. The way our culture inundates the world with imagesb. The focus on context instead of culturec. The use of cultural icons to sell products in advertisementsd. The way our cultural beliefs and values affect our understanding of and reaction to imagesQ7Match each of the terms to its appropriate definition.- A. B. C. D.Content- A. B. C. D.Framing- A. B. C. D.Composition- A. B. C. D.AngleA.the arrangement of items in the image, with some items in the foreground and some in the backgroundB.the positioning of the artist or photographer in relation to the subject of an imageC.the subjects or objects of an imageD.the part of the subject the photographer or artist decides to put in the image or leave out

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