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Literature Review

Literature Review(30 points; with at least eight citations from academic journals and related to relationship or the variables under study. For the citations, the more relative the better; one or more citations from the introduction part can be used but the points from those citations should not be repetitions. Needs to discuss how researchers have known about the variables and their relationship so far so that your study will not repeat previous studies and “reinvent the wheel”. Three points deduction for each citation missing. This part should contain at least three paragraphs, two paragraphs about the findings of the two variables, and one paragraph about the findings of their relationship, with each paragraph containing at least 150 words. At the end clearly state your research hypothesis if you have enough confidence for your prediction of the relationship based on your review of previous studies or research question if you are still not sure about the relationship based on the literature reviewed.)RQ/H: (choose one and remove the other, and then state your RQ or H here)

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