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Multicultural Literature and the Civil Rights Era Assignment

Multicultural Literature and the Civil Rights Era AssignmentWriters with themes of resistance to the status quo. How did they do this? This week’s assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate understanding of the characteristics of Civil Rights-era multicultural literature.Write a 700 word essay that includes discussion of the following:*A summative description oftwo worksof multicultural literature produced during the Civil Rights era.ONE MUST BE BY WRITER: HELENA MARIA VIRAMONTES AND THE OTHER ONE MUST BE BY WRITER: LUIS MIGUEL VALDEZ.**A description of the subjects or themes of each of your two selected works by those two writers and how these themes are characteristic of Civil Rights-era multicultural literature.**How your authors employed strategies of resistance in their works; in other words, how did they challenge the status quo in their form, (where did they stage plays, for example) and in their establishment of identity that countered expected norms of behavior?Bibliographies on both writers to be used in this assignment are attached.Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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