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Persuasive Letter

Review the uploadCHAPTER 26-THE CONSERVATIVE TURN 1969-19881. What was Barry Goldwater’s conservative philosophy? Which Republican President usedthis plan and won the White House? Pp.1032-1033 Introduction2. How did Title IX and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act influence the lives of Americanwomen? p. 1039 The Continuing Sexual Revolution3. Although his presidency was considered a failure, when and where did Jimmy Carterachieve political success? p. 1062 The Election of 19801What is “glasnost and perestroika?” p.1072 Reagan and GorbachevCHAPTER 27-FROM TRIUMPH TO TRAGEDY 1989-2004S. How did immigration change the face of Black America? p.1097 The Changing Face ofBlack America6. How did the computer change American life? Who were the “architects” of the computerrevolution? p.1089 The Computer Revolution7. What was the cause of the rise of imprisonment in America? p.1099 The Spread ofImprisonmentCHAPTER 28-A DIVIDED NATIONS. According to the picture on p.1134, who was the first woman to have served on theUnited States Supreme Court? Obama in OfficeWhat was the focus of the protest “Occupy Wall Street?” p.1139 The Occupy Movement10. What was the Tea Party’s appeal to its supporters and how did it affect PresidentObama’s first term? p.1147 The Republican Resurgence

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