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Proposal Assignment

1) Your assignment will be to identify a problem either at school or at work and to propose a specific solution to this problem. You will also include a graphic that adds meaningful information to your proposal.2) Your goal in this assignment is to propose a solution to your problem in order to obtain permission to pursue that solution.3)  Identifying a TopicFor your topic, you will want to think about a problem that needs to be addressed at your school campus, within online learning at Dallas College, within your department or school of Dallas College, or at your workplace.Examples of topics you might consider include:· The advising system for nursing· Checking in/out of the gym· Covid-19-related procedures at work or school· Security on campus· Food options on campus· Technology problems in the workplace· Equipment/mechanical problems in the workplace· Hiring practices4) Creating Your “Company”You will need to create a company name and logo that will appear on your proposal. The logo needs to be visually appealing and should represent your “company” and its purpose. Assume that your company’s mission is to identify and solve problems within educational settings or workplaces. You will also need to identifyyour job title.Your title can be fictional or you canuse your actual workplace title if appropriate. Make sure you include me as a recipient of the proposal. You can create a title for me or identify me by my actual title (Professor of English) if appropriate.

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