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Research and discussion assignment

in 600 too 650 wordsIn this assignment, you will find a current news article from a credible source that addresses one of today’s technological or scientific advancements that has moral or ethical implications and analyze and respond to the article.Using the Google news search feature, or something comparable, find a credible article about a scientific advancement that also has moral and ethical implications (not just a scientific advancement and not just an issue that has moral or ethical implications; it must meet both criteria). Read the article and then write a short summary, an analysis, two discussion questions, and a response to the article. Post these with a link to the article on the discussion board, where other students will have an opportunity to engage in a discussion about the article and your response to it. You will then read another student’s posted article and respond to their topic and questions. Finally, you will respond to a student who responded to your article and questions, to a student who responded to the same article and questions that you responded to, or to a second article. This means that you will need three interactions total, including an original post, an initial response, and a follow-up response.

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