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Text Analysis Assignment Help

Explanation of Tissue ID Histology presentation rubricBelow are descriptions of some of the range. A score of 4 or 2 are in the middle. For example, #1 , a 4 would be the purpose is “somewhat” clear, and a 2 would be “somewhat evident but not entirely clear”.Content1- states the purpose and captures the audience5 The purpose is clear and the audience is captured and attentive3 The purpose is apparent, the audience is captured at time but not always1 The purpose is not evident, the audience is not captured2- Organizes the content5 The content is organized logically with transitions to capture and hold the listeners attention throughout the entire presentation3 The organization is evident and transitions are made fluently with some loss of listeners attention1 The content lacks organization; transitions are randomly made and lose the listeners attention.3- Supports the content5 Important details add interest and depth; all content is supported and sited.3 Basic details added to give interest; most content is supported and sited.1 The majority of information is unsupported or explained. Content is not sited.4- Covers all topic areas5 All assigned topic areas are covered and explained thoroughly3 All assigned topic areas are covered, not all areas are explained thoroughly1 All topic areas are not covered or are not explained5- Summarizes the content5 The conclusion unites the important points and encourages future discussion3 The conclusion summarizes the main ideas1 The conclusion is presentedDelivery1- Demonstrates awareness of the audience5 The choices of language as depicted at assignment help shows the correct grammar usage in academic writing , examples and aids ignite the listener’s attention. Eye contact is used. Energy and enthusiasm for the subject is contagious to the listener.3 The language choices are appropriate. Enthusiasm is evident. Eye contact is evident.1 The presentation is uninteresting. The choice of words is incorrect.2- Speaks clearly and confidently5 The presenter is confident in material and speaks in a tone and volume all listeners can hear and understand3 The presenter is confident, clarity and voice level are evident.1 The presenter lacks confidence and cannot be heard or understood3- Uses appropriate vocabulary and pronunciation5 The pronunciation and vocabulary is appropriate and clear throughout the presentation3 The pronunciation and vocabulary is appropriate throughout most of the presentation1 The pronunciation and vocabulary is misused and not pronounced correctly through out the presentation4- Speaker interaction5 Aids, gestures and use of materials is captivating: drawing all listeners attention3 Aids, gestures and use of materials is interesting: drawing most listeners attention1 Aids, gestures and use of materials lacking: listeners are not paying attention5- Complexity of thought5 Variations of thought, voice and sentence structure and examples hold all listeners attention3 Variations of thought, voice and sentence structure and examples hold most listeners attention1 Variations of thought, voice and sentence structure and examples are not used and listeners are not paying attention – speaker is reading rather than presenting`Hardcopy, minimum 5-7 pages (this does NOT include the cover page or bibliography – you don’t have to have a cover page), typed, double spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt. Font. All of your ideas should be backed up with data from a research source, make sure to give that source credit (i.e. cite appropriately) and put information in your own words using proper sentences. Review the PPT on Blackboard called ‘Library Resources and Research Work for more details on how to cite sources correctly along with other relevant information about this assignment. Develop a consistent theme to create a cohesive work with claims/ideas supported by research/data.Do NOT write your work as if you are simply writing an annotated bibliography – you will lose 75 points.  5 points will be taken off for improper paragraph structure (not enough paragraphs, paragraphs that are too short (2 sentences or less). 2 points will be taken off for each sentence with incorrect grammatical structure. Points will also be taken off if the work does not meet the minimum 5-7 page requirement (this will vary depending on the amount of work completed).Research PaWorkper Summary & Analysis (200 points): You need to have a minimum of 5 research sources not including your textbook that are incorporated into your work – it is fine to have more sources. At least 3 of your 5 sources must be scientific articles unless you select the 1 book (counted as 2 scientific articles) and 1 scientific article option. You have the option of utilizing more sources if you would like. (20 points each x 5) Make sure that you describe what you learned from each of your sources in enough detail that someone reading your work can understanding your points without having read the articles/sources that you used.2. Your 6th source is your textbook. Incorporate class concepts in your analysis. Determine which chapter(s) primarily impact your topic and using class concepts analyze the ways in which the dynamics of thinking and behavior of individuals could be understood or partly explained by their social context. If we haven’t gone over information that is useful / relevant to include in your work, you can still review that PowerPoint/chapter in your book utilize any key concepts that aid your analysis. Of particular relevance in selecting which chapters would be most applicable for your analysis is is the age of the youth you are studying as the textbook is organized by chronological years of development. (100 points) Select at least 1 theoretical perspective to include in your analysis. All of the PowerPoints include information about liberal and conservative viewpoints among others. You can also include opposing or multiple perspectives in your analysis if you would like. Include in your work why you selected the theoretical perspective(s) that you did and how you organized your analysis around that/those perspective(s). Another possibility might be to compare a theoretical perspective with what seems to be popular opinion/dominant discourse on your topic.3. Part 2-Work-Choose any one (1) of the following. Each work should be four (4) paragraphs. Please write the work in a blue book with your name on it IN PEN!!!! (40 points). You may use these examples or your own. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THESE EXAMPLES OR QUESTIONS. HOWEVER, YOU SHOULD WRITE AN WORK ABOUT HOW AUTHORS USE THE SPECIFIC LITERARY ELEMENT IN YOUR COMPARISON/CONTRAST, PLEASE DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE THE READINGS USED AS EXAMPLES. THIS WORK SHOULD INCLUDE A THESIS THAT REPRESENTS YOUR OWN CRITICAL THINKING AND LITERARY ANALYSIS ABOUT YOUR SPECIFIC CHOICE(S)4.5. 1. Theme: In Paradise Lost and The Rape of the Lock, consider the theme of falling from glory and working towards redemption in both works. In Paradise Lost, Satan falls from grace with God just as Adam and Eve. Both struggle afterwards to redeem themselves from their mistakes. A similar theme exists in The Rape of the Lock, when the main heroine’s symbol of beauty and power (her hair) is cut against her will. After this symbolic fall from grace, she battles for both internal and external redemption. She goes through both a physical and psychological battle for redemption of the beauty and power represented by the severed locks.6.7. 2. For this economics assignment help Characterization- Pick characters from at least two different texts and analyze them to show how they are alike in relation to their respective situations. (Ex.- The King of Coramantien in Oroonoko and Faustus in Dr. Faustus. Both are greedy and power lusting men. Both have numerous women, access to wealth and can’t be satisfied with what they already have. They continually want more. Furthermore, both take full advantage of their power. (ie- Faustus wants to know all the eternal secrets of the world/ The King ships Imoinda off into slavery because Oroonoko breaks in to visit her and take her virginity).8.9. 3.Symbolism-Describe at least two different objects from any writing we’ve read in the second half of the semester and reflect on the how the meanings connected to them may be related. (Ex.-The lock in The Rape of the Lock. The handkerchief in Othello). Both could be interpreted as objects representing desired conquest. 4. Allegory-Reflect on at least one example from any second half writing we’ve read of several things that may have one similar meaning(s). (Ex-Dr. Faustus representing the hypocrisy of his religion(s)). Reflect on the idea of this religious figure using sexual allurement (lust) to fulfill his desires. Dr. Faustus continually hides behind a false sense of religion to renege on his deal with the Devil and try to repent with God at the last possible moment. He uses Satan’s power to obtain Holy objects.12.13. 5. Plot-Reflect on any two writings from the second half and elaborate on how the plot affects the story. Does the use of plot (or lack thereof) make the story more interesting, boring? How, why? How does it affect your interpretation of the reading? Why is this important? (Ex.-Dr. Faustus and Satan want to take away from the same perfect existences that God and Satan offer the heroes of Paradise Lost and Dr. Faustus respectively-“living forever in the Garden of Eden” and “The secrets of the universe/all worldly desires”).

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