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Week 1: Summary Proposal

DescriptionA foundational writing genre in the study of composition is the art of crafting effective summaries. This assignment asks you to identify a text of your choice and summarize it. You are given the opportunity to select which article you wish to summarize based on interest in the topic. Below you will find the parameters for identifying a text for this project.Where to Find a Summary?You will select one of the articles from the back of our textbook found in Part 5 of Everything’s An Argument. These articles represent short, effective, and rhetorically diverse texts that are ideal for a brief summary assignment.Chapter 23 articles revolve around the topic of “How Does Popular Culture Stereotype You?”Chapter 24 articles revolve around the topic of “How Does What We Eat Define Who We Are?”Chapter 25 articles revolve around the topic of “How Does Language Influence Our World?”Chapter 26 articles revolve around the topic of “Has the Internet Destroyed Privacy?”Chapter 27 articles revolve around the topic of “How Free Should Campus Speech Be?”Submission RequirementsInclude a full MLA citation for your article of choice from Everything’s an ArgumentYou need to include a written 700 word minimum proposal of why you selected the text and based on the initial readthrough of the article address the following questions:What is the thesis or main argument of the article you chose?How does the author support this argument? What are the main claims you identify?What is the exigency of argument or the purpose of the text (e.g. to inform, to persuade, to make decisions, and to explore)–how do you know?How would you identify the occasion of argument (e.g. Forensic, Deliberative, Epideictic)?Who is the Author of this text? Via a little bit of only research, what are their qualifications to be speaking to and writing on such a topic? Do you trust their ethos?Identify 2-3 brief quotes with signal words/attributive tags you might use in your final brief summary text

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