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WEEK 6 Research Procedure/Measurement

MethodologyResearch Procedure. (40 points). This is the section of the methodology part. Name your research method and discuss with at least three citations why this method is the best choice to answer your research question. Previous citations can be used but points should not be repetitions.This is where you tell me about the research project you are planning, in a step-by-step way.Research       question or hypothesesProposed       methodology (Include citations about the method you will be using and how       it has been used before in communications research). Make sure that your procedure fits the       requirements about the research methods of your choice in the readings       and that overall principles of “objective, systematic, and replicable.”)Sampling       frameIndependent       variables (quantitative only, include pre-existing scales, if       appropriate)Dependent       variables (quantitative only, include pre-existing scales, if       appropriate)Timeline for       data collectionMeasurement (50 points) (there is no page limit here, since every method is different)With at least five citations, clearly define the meanings of the two variables under study and how specifically they will be measured in your study. One or more citations from the introduction and literature review parts can be used but the points from those citations should not be repetitions. You could just borrow the measurements used in the previous studies, or modify them for your own study with substantial argument to support the modification.)When proposing your draft of measures/instrument, including either of the following based on the methods you choosei. A codesheet/codebook for content analysisii. An experimental protocol and stimulus materials for experimentsiii. A draft of your survey if you’ve chosen a surveyiv. An interview guide for focus groups or in-depth interviews

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