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world music paper

Create a10-songworld music playlist.Each song you choose should represent a different country and music style.Include at least 3 traditional songsInclude 2 weblinks.Streaming link to each song (youtube, SoundCloud, band/artist website)Purchase link (download or physical) to each song (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)Do not use any songs/tracks used in class.Template:Song Title:Artist/Band Name:Country:Genre of Music:Link to song:Where to purchase the song:Description of the song (in complete sentences describe the musical elements heard-featured instruments, singing style, tempo, dynamics, languages used, etc.)My music playlist:1. Hawaiian Drum-Dance2. Thai Piphat3. Beijing Opera4. Gagaku Court Music5. The Islamic call to prayer6. Flamenco7. Jali with Kora8. Samba9. Mariachi10. African American Spiritual

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