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write a 700 word research

write a 700 word psychoanalytic criticism (p87) research about the tell tale heatOrganization1.  Introductory paragraph(s). Introduce subject/summarize. General to particular statements. Anything else designed to lead into thesis or main idea. Thesis statement.2.  Body paragraphs. Topic sentences for each. Supporting sentences and explanations, examples or illustrations.3.  Concluding paragraph(s). Summary or paraphrase of preceding argument. Additional comments.QuotationsPlace within quotation marks with the source of quotation/page number at the end between brackets.E.g. “’Middle earth’ is an Anglo-Saxon term” (Tolkien 53)Paraphrased or summarized quotationProvide only the page number between brackets.E.g. Tolkien points out that middle earth is an Anglo-Saxon term (53).Works Cited page1.  Alphabetical list (minimum 3).2.  Author’s family name, first name(s).Title. Place pf publication: publisher, year of publication.e.g. Shakespeare, William.Othello. Ed. Norman Sanders. The New Cambridge Shakespeare. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984.Othello  June 14 201

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